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Oculus Issues Update on 1.12 Release, Currently Going Through Expanded QA Testing

An early preview program is also in the works.

As of late, it hasn’t been the smoothest for Oculus with its most recent software update 1.11 – aimed at solving users tracking issues with multi sensor setups for Oculus Touch – seemingly causing more problems than it fixed. Recently Nate Mitchell, part of the company’s PC team, released an update on Oculus’ forums giving some details about the progress being made.

Noting the issues users had been reporting when using three or more sensors Mitchell wrote: “Our #1 priority right now is addressing the new tracking issues some users are experiencing in 1.11 without reducing the impact of 1.11’s tracking quality improvements. We’re also fixing a few new tracking-related bugs that have come in through community and support channels.” Adding: “At this point, all of these tracking changes together are too significant for a hotfix, so instead our focus is getting them thoroughly tested and shipped to everyone as part of the 1.12 release ASAP.”

Oculus Touch

Plans are still in place for a February release of 1.12, but currently there’s no fixed date for release. This is due to Oculus putting the update through extensive QA testing ensuring it again doesn’t create more problems than it fixes.

The post also details an early preview program Oculus is looking into, enabling users ‘opt in’ and receive updates prior to an official launch. Mitchell said it’s: “something we’ve wanted to do for awhile, but has been on the back-burner behind other features.” The aim is to rectify issues like the current ones experienced early, with further details due to be released soon.

There will also be a small hotfix focused on matchmaking services, improving multiplayer matches, but this will be separate from the 1.12 update.

As Oculus releases further details on its next update VRFocus will let you know.

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