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Oculus Touch Gets Strategic With New RTS With Brass Tactics

Hidden Path Entertainment combine RTS with table-top wargaming to create Brass Tactics for the Oculus Touch

Hidden Path Entertainment have combined elements of traditional table-top wargaming with computer real-time strategy to create Brass Tactics, a virtual reality (VR) RTS exclusive to Oculus Touch.

Brass Tactics was premiered at GDC during the Oculus Studios event. Gameplay for the demo involved one-on-one army combat, with each commander at one end of a huge virtual table. Players can select from a large variety of units ranging from medieval knights to laser tanks in order to take over territory and earn ore and jewels which allow the player to upgrade their units.


Hidden Path have actually entirely done away with the ‘fog of war’ obscuring of the map common to other RTS videogames such as Starcraft and the Command and Conquer series. This creates an environment closer to table-top games where both sides can see the full extent of the map.

Hidden Path Entertainment co-founder Mark Terrano says in an interview with Ars Technica; “Real-time strategy is already hard to make, Virtual reality only adds more challenge. Typical real-time strategy has lots and lots of interface,” Terrano added. “For example, your base upgrades. Rather than have a tabbed menu with icons, they’re these buildings you pick up in your hand and snap into the board.”

Hidden Path is aiming for an October 2017 launch and says the retail version will include a five-mission solo campaign, a cooperative campaign against the AI and a full online RTS match system.

You can watch the GDC announcement trailer below. Further information on Brass Tactics and GDC will be brought to you by VRFocus as we get it.

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