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Oculus Touch Owners Will Soon Get Their Hands on Raw Data

No date has been set for release.

One of the most high profile and successful virtual reality (VR) titles on HTC Vive, Raw Data will be coming to Oculus Rift. Developer Survios teased a couple of images this week via its Twitter account showing the headset and Oculus Touch controllers.

The first-person shooter which has players fighting waves of enemy robots doesn’t yet have a release date for Oculus Rift, with the studio simply stating: “It’s happening–soon(tm).”

Raw Data - Oculus Touch

With the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2017 next week it’s likely Survios will be releasing further details, possibly even giving playable demos to attendees, as the imagery already shows a working version.

In September last year Survios announced it had hit $1 million USD in sales in just over a month, adding that at least 20 percent of HTC Vive owners had bought the videogame. Since that launch the team has added a raft of new content, with more missions, weapons, characters and abilities to broaden the titles appeal.

Then in January it revealed plans for a Raw Data Arcade initiative, designed specifically for VR entertainment venues around the world. This will see a stripped down version of the experience being created, featuring simpler in-game menus, improved loading times and faster multiplayer matchmaking.

VRFocus will be at GDC 2017, so check back next week for further updates on Raw Data.

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