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OPTO Launches Mobile VR Headset OPTO Air At Mobile World Congress

Richard Stephens speaks to VRFocus about a new contender to the Mobile VR line-up.

The virtual reality (VR) landscape continues to change day on day, although some days bring with them more than a few changes. For example, in the last two days we’ve had the news of a new iteration of the Oculus-powered Samsung Gear VR. And, as revealed earlier today, there has also been news of LG entering the fray with a new head-mounted display that will be using SteamVR’s tracking. Calling into question if HTC’s exclusivity is now at an end. Those aren’t the only headsets being revealed however, as OPTO has today at the Mobile World Congress 2017 (MWC) officially launched its colourful VR head mounted display (HMD) the OPTO Air.

The OPTO Air features built-in speakers to remove the need for headphones, bespoke lenses crafted for greater VR clarity, a magnetic cover, and is partially made with anti-bacterial foam. Meaning it can be easily cleaned, thus making it – the company says – more hygenic and more suitable for sharing amongst friends and family and for use within more public arenas. Such as museums, art galleries and other public displays where HMDs may be in use.

VRFocus spoke to Richard Stephens, COO of OPTO about the OPTO Air.

Unlike many other HMDs the OPTO Air certainly has an array of colours: including Blue Magic, Lemon Peel,
Galactic Graphite, Sunset Zest, and the slightly eyebrow-raising Lilac Lick. It can be bought now via the OPTO website for £98 (GBP).  VRFocus will bring you more information on the OPTO Air when we get it.


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