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Darknet - PSVR

PlayStation VR Release Date for Darknet Confirmed

Dive into a cyberpunk vision of the future.

Last month Archiact Interactive announced a partnership with indie developer E McNeill to bring the award-winning Darknet to Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) PlayStation VR. A release date for the title has now been confirmed, arriving on 7th March.

Origianlly launched for Samsung Gear VR, Darknet is an deep strategy/puzzle game that lets gamers play as an elite hacker contracted to retrieve data from the world’s most secure networks. Players dive into the Net, install viruses, inject code, and hack their way through cybersecurity in an experience inspired by a classic cyberpunk vision of the future.

Darknet - PSVR_1

Darknet has been refined and tailored for PlayStation VR boasting several new improvements. This includes full audio integration added to the PlayStation 4 Dualshock controller, art enhancements to the UI and main menu, as well as all-new PlayStation trophies for players to earn.

Since releasing Darknet E McNeill has gone on to create Tactera and most recently Skylight. VRFocus gave the former a 4-star rating saying: “Tactera is a great example of high production values on the Samsung Gear VR’s limited hardware and is a showcase piece for the strategy genre in VR.” While Skylight got a 5-star review: “Skylight has been perfectly formulated with engaging gameplay, quirky visuals and hours of entertainment.”

When Darknet launches on Tuesday, 7th March, PlayStation VR owners will be able to pick it up for $14.99 USD. For the latest updates from E McNeill, keep reading VRFocus.

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