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Robinson The Journey screenshot

Robinson: The Journey Lands on Oculus Rift

Head into Crytek’s dino filled world from today.

When Crytek revealed Robinson: The Journey it was as an exclusive for PlayStation VR. Then in December 2016, only a month after its launch, the studio announced it would be expanding support to Oculus Rift. Today Robinson: The Journey launched for the headset, allowing Rift users to entering its dinosaur laden world.

This is now Crytek’s second release for Oculus Rift – the first being The Climb – going for a more traditional videogame feel with a sci-fi adventure. Casting players as Robin, a boy who’s been left stranded on an alien world called Tyson III after his ship crash lands, Robinson: The Journey mixes survival with puzzle solving. Robin isn’t alone as he wanders through the planet’s jungle, he’s accompanied by an AI companion called HIGS, and together they must survive the harsh environment and dangerous inhabitants as they search for the lost crew whilst unearthing the planet’s secrets along the way.

Robinson The Journey screenshot

For those who enjoy the atmospheric soundtrack of Robinson: The Journey, BAFTA award-winning composer Jesper Kyd has released the original score on his Bandcamp page. Talking about the score on the videogame’s blog Kyd wrote: “I wrote a score that embodies the feeling of discovery. The theme is written from a perspective of hope and wonder–as seen through the eyes of Robin–and the score helps to create a fantastical and mysterious atmosphere in the game. We worked on making the jungle come alive using analog and acoustic instruments as elements of the forest and creatures inhabiting the world of Robinson. The score is more minimal than I am used to writing and it’s a music style that lends itself really well to the VR experience in Robinson.”

For any further VR updates from Crytek, keep reading VRFocus.

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