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Sairento VR screenshot 2

Sairento VR to Get Co-op Multiplayer Confirms Developer Mixed Realms

A story line and original soundtrack are also planned.

Released just before Christmas, Sairento VR quietly arrived for HTC Vive, bringing with it lots of gun and sword play action all set in a futuristic Japan. Developed by Singapore-based Mixed Realms, the videogame launched as an Early Access title on Steam and due to the positive feedback its received the studio has announced it’ll be adding co-op multiplayer in the near future.

Sairento VR is a sci-fi first-person shooter (FPS) in switch players can perform feats like leaping a few metres into the air, slow down time whilst unleashing volleys of gun fire, before landing in front of an enemy and cutting them down with a swipe of their katana blade. As with most early access titles on Steam the studio listed various features it plans to bring to the fully released version including: more maps, enemies, weapons, skills and improved enemy AI.

Sairento VR screenshot 1

But today its also announced another planned addition, increasing replay factor, multiplayer co-op. Due to the title’s early success – the first 4 days of release saw it garner more than a thousand purchases and received a 95% positive rating claims the studio – the team decided to reinvest the earnings from these early sales into a multiplayer. On top of that Mixed Realms has appointed a game writer to give the experience a story line and a composer to produce an original soundtrack for the game.

Aldric Chang, CEO of Mixed Realms said in a statement: “We are extremely encouraged with the positive response we are getting from the international gaming community. Our decision to reinvest whatever we’ve made so far into making the game even better is a natural and easy one to make. We see it that the gamers have given us their vote of confidence and we should repay them with an awesome full game.”

There’s no word on when these updates are likely to land, but Mixed Realms plans to complete the videogame by mid-July to August 2017. As VRFocus learns more about the upcoming development we’ll report back.

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