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Six Flags Galactic Attack

Six Flags and Samsung Renew Collaboration on VR Roller Coasters with Galactic Attack

More VR coasters are being rolled out.

Six Flags Entertainment Corporation and Samsung Electronics America, Inc., have collaborated on several virtual reality (VR) roller coasters over the past year. There was the New Revolution VR Coaster at La Ronde amusement park in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, then for the Halloween season Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in San Francisco/Sacramento, California featured Rage of the Gargoyles. Today the pair have announced a renewed partnership to debut The New Revolution Galactic Attack at Six Flags Magic Mountain, near Los Angeles, and Discovery Kingdom.

Using Gear VR headsets riders on Galactic Attack will be able to experience something new, rather than just VR the ride will feature mixed reality (MR) as well. To begin with a heads up display overlay will show data like current status of weaponry, time codes, fuel cells, and a countdown clock. As the ride approaches the lift hill, a massive, swirling wormhole comes into view. At which point riders drop inside with the view changes to a completely immersive, VR spaceship cockpit. As the roller coaster continues they find themselves in the middle of a space battle, coming under attack from flying drones firing lasers and missiles. Towards the end riders are brought into one of three drone bays, each of which offer a different gaming experience and three different endings.

Six Flags - The New Revolution - Virtual Reality Coaster

“Six Flags is proud to be partnering with Samsung to develop the newest, most innovative thrill ride experience in the theme park industry,” said Brett Petit, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales. “This mixed reality technology is truly groundbreaking and like nothing our guests have ever experienced. Six Flags and Samsung changed the game last year with VR on twelve roller coasters and now we are breaking new ground yet again.”

“Our strategic partnership with Six Flags enables millions of consumers to experience virtual reality for the first time by bringing Gear VR to real roller coasters at theme parks across the country. We are always aiming to create immersive, never been done before experiences with our Samsung VR ecosystem as the focal point, so these new experiences at Six Flags are completely complementary to that key objective. We are thrilled to continue to work with Six Flags and bring VR to the mainstream,” said Marc Mathieu, Samsung Electronics America’s Chief Marketing Officer.

The opening weekend of The New Revolution Galactic Attack will take place on 18th – 20th February at both parks. To commemorate the launch the parks will also host a food drive. Every paid guest or season pass holder who brings a full bag of non-perishable food items to support local regional food banks will be given an exclusive opportunity to enjoy the VR ride experience before it opens to the public the following weekend, 25th – 26th February 25-26 at Six Flags Magic Mountain and 20th February at Discovery Kingdom.

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