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Sony’s 4.50 Software Update for PS4 Adds 3D Blu-ray Support For PlayStation VR

There’s no official launch date yet.

When 3D movies first hit the mainstream with cinematic releases such as Avatar, most consumers were blown away with the technology. The industry then hoped that enthusiasm would transfer to the home, but as it turned out it didn’t. But that’s not the end of 3D as an incoming update for PlayStation 4 (PS4) will add support for PlayStation VR.

As part of the PS4 system update v4.50, Sony Interactive Entertainment America (SIEA) has detailed a raft of new features for the console which are now available for users who’ve signed up to the beta programme. One of these allows anyone who owns 3D Blu-rays to view the movies via the head-mounted display (HMD). This not only gives PS VR another useful selling feature, it means that owners who may not have used the 3D option on their movies have another avenue to view them.

PlayStation VR Header 7

That’s the only VR specific update revealed, one that’ll be useful for any PS4 owner will be the external HDD support. This enables owners to store content to an external HDD via USB 3.0, supporting units up to 8TB in size. As the majority of PlayStation VR titles are digital, having the ability to plugin an extra hard drive can only help users suffering storage woes.

More features will be added to the 4.50 update in the coming weeks, at present there’s been no confirmation of its official launch.

For any further PlayStation VR updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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