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Steampunker VR Takes the Gallery Shooter Genre Underwater

Telehorse brings the Steampunker series to Samsung Gear VR.

Telehorse has today launched a new videogame for Samsung Gear VR: Steampunker VR. Set underwater, this gallery shooter mixes up the genre formulae by adding hidden object quests to the shooting action.

Steampunker VR screenshot

In Steampunker VR, the player takes on the role of Vincent, our hero locked inside a submarine. Vincent is trying to escape the city of Steamburg which has been attacked by evil robots from space. The player has to navigate as well as shooting all the robots, which increases in difficulty as the robots begin to approach the submarine from all directions.

The development studio, which specialises in steampunk videogames, is making is virtual reality (VR) debut with Steampunker VR. The videogame was initially developed as a VR version of one of the challenges from Telehorse’s award-winning Steampunker. However, once the first level had been completed it was showcased to players and journalists at various videogame shows, and Telehorse decided to expand on the project and develop it as an independent title.

Available from today, Steampunker VR is priced at $0.99 USD on Samsung Gear VR. VRFocus will keep you updated with any future VR titles from Telehorse.

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