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Studio Roqovan to use SNK Library for Future VR Projects

Metal Slug in VR anyone?

Today Studio Roqovan (formerly Reload Studios), the team behind World War Toons, has announced a partnership with SNK Corporation to bring its library of videogame content into future virtual reality (VR) projects.

The licensing agreement will enable Studio Roqovan to use SNK’s massive library of over 200 IP’s and series from the last few decades. These include The King of Fighters series, Metal SlugSamurai Shodown and many more.

Metal Slug

“As developers who went through the arcade scene in the 80’s and 90’s, being able to work with SNK and their IP is a dream come true. We can’t express the excitement we have at this opportunity,” says James Chung, CEO of Studio Roqovan. “We can’t wait to show the world what we are working on with SNK.”

Charlie Zhao, Executive Director of SNK said, “When we met Mr. James Chung, one of the first things we realized was how big of an SNK fan he was. His team members also have an incredible level of experience in a wide variety of fields. These facts contributed to our decision to move forward with this and we are extremely happy to work with their talented team of creators.”

Neither company has said what content will be used first with Chung adding: “We will be revealing them a bit at a time but both companies are fully committed to this opportunity, and have some very exciting collaborations planned with SNK.”

The first content collaboration will be available later in 2017, with the specific IP and details to be announced at a later date, so keep reading VRFocus for further updates.

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