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Survival Horror Organ Quarter Arrives on Kickstarter

A nightmarish world awaits HTC Vive owners.

In January Outer Brain Studios announced it would be launching a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for its upcoming survival horror title Organ Quarter, a demo of which was released via Steam in October 2016. That campaign has now begun looking to secure $6,500 USD in funding.

A nightmarish experience which the studio describes as: “Resident Evil by way of David Cronenberg and David Lynch,” Organ Quarter looks to combine labyrinthine environments, resource management and puzzles with a focus on hand-tracking and room-scale virtual reality (VR) for intense gameplay.

Organ Quarter screenshot 2

Wanting to create a proper adventure rather than the usual wave shooter style of videogame popular in VR, Outer Brain Studios has built large areas to explore whilst keeping with traditional gameplay designs by requiring players to find keys and complete dungeon style levels to progress through the story.

Playing as an unnamed character who’s isolated them self from the world, players must venture out into a city that’s become squalid and infected, at the request of of a mysterious man going by the name of Dr. Alset. Soon they’ll find a wasteland of a city, filled with grotesque creatures and elaborate puzzles.

To achieve its funding target Outer Brain Studios has created several funding tiers, starting from a basic $5 all the way up to $350. To secure a digital copy of Organ Quarter backers will need to pledge $15 for the early bird special. Once this tier has sold out the standard price will be $20.

While Organ Quarter currently supports just HTC Vive the team does plan to add Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch support in the future, as well as creating a non-VR version.

As the campaign progresses VRFocus will bring you the latest updates.

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