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The Concept VR Game Jam: The Closing Hours

VRFocus’ collaborative Game Jam with The Concept VR is drawing to a close: how’re the participants getting on?

24 hour game jams are never easy, but it’s in the final hours that the real test begins. The concept has been evolved into an experience, the gameplay mechanics solidified and the issues have been overcome. For the most part, at least. Now it’s the time for fine tuning and, inevitably, fixing all those bugs.

Here at VRFocus Presents The Concept VR Game Jam, that’s exactly what’s happening. The participants are wrapping up their works and preparing to have other attendees enter their virtual worlds. After a muted few hours the volume rises as a mad dash for the home straight begins. Will fixing that bug work? Will something new an unexpected rear its head? Do you wish you hadn’t attempted to get an hour’s sleep? Or do you feel fresh and reinvigorated for the final hurdles? Check out the video below to see exactly how the participants at The Concept VR Game Jam are tackling all of these issues.

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