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The VR Concept Game Jam: Meet The Owners

The team behind the VR gaming company speak to VRFocus as the amateur developers code on…

One of the early criticisms of virtual reality (VR) was that it would be an isolating experience and not a social one, but that’s not the case. In fact there are those out there that think VR can be not just a social experience among friends in the home but part of a much bigger night out.  VRFocus is currently in London, holding a game jam in Clapham’s Four Thieves public house. But The Four Thieves is not just a regular pub, it is also the home of The VR Concept, a group looking to bring VR experiences to those on a night out.

We spoke to the team about their goals, how they’re bringing VR to a new audience and giving both the competitiveness of multiplayer with friends and the experience of a trip to the arcade a new twist. One they’re hoping to expand beyond their current location with new experiences – potentially including that being developed today by those in attendance at The VR Concept Game Jam.

VRFocus will be bringing you more updates throughout the next 24 hours of the stories behind the game jam and how the game is developing.

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