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Titmouse Premiering VR Music Video Show It 2 Me at SXSW Film Festival

The festival takes place next month.

Towards the end of last year animation studio Titmouse in collaboration with Viacom NEXT released virtual reality (VR) title Smash Party for free on HTC Vive. Titmouse has continued its VR development, this time creating an immersive music video, Show It 2 Me, which will be premiered at SXSW Film Festival next month.

Part of the film festival’s new SXSW Virtual Reality Program in the Virtual Cinema, Show It 2 Me is an interactive music video created using Tilt Brush’s audio reactive brushes featuring Night Club’s single, Show It 2 Me. Featuring art by Titmouse founder Chris Prynoski and Antonio Canobbio (Titmouse creative director) the retro-futuristic music experience takes the viewer on a trippy visual ride featuring demonic cars, pulsating brains, and disembodied tongue-mouths.


“These brushes are bananas! They animate to music!” commented Prynoski in a statement. “They animate to ANY audio playing on your computer. You want to see what fart sounds look like with the disco brush? Fire it up and you can finally know this joy that I have beheld with my very eyes.” Antonio Canobbio added, “I immediately saw the potential for using these brushes to produce a music video. Previously we’ve had to create VR assets in non-VR authoring environments, OR create assets in VR, but use other software to animate these elements. All the assets for our first VR experience, Smash Party were created with traditional tools. Luckily we have a great line of communication with our friends at Google, and they made it even easier for us to produce this video by developing a custom Tilt Brush Toolkit!”

Tilt Brush creative director, Drew Skillman said, “We are thrilled to help Titmouse’s vision for a Tilt Brush VR music video come to life. We open sourced the entire Tilt Brush Toolkit in hopes that other artists can follow in Titmouse’s footsteps and create their own VR music videos along with any other narrative, interactive, and immersive content they can dream up.”

Show It 2 Me will be available for the HTC Vive for free in the coming months. For any further SXSW VR announcements keep reading VRFocus.

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