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Unity Reveal Details On It’s Growth Since Unity 5 Launch

Unity CEO reveals details about Unity game engine’s growth during GDC keynote

Unity Technologies CEO John Riccitiello revealed some numbers and statistics regarding the Unity videogame engine’s growth over the past two years during the Unity keynote speech at GDC today.

Unity 5 launched at GDC two years ago. Since then, Unity has added more than 40% more customers to it’s user base, though the number of support tickets they have received. They have also added 16 now platforms since Unity 5’s launch in 2015 with more still to be added, including Google Cardboard and Google Daydream, as previously reported by VRFocus.

Games made using the Unity engine now make up 30% of all mobile games globally, which is up 4% from last year. That 4% improvement is 3 times more than any other competing game engine.

Unity-created games have been downloaded more than 16 billion devices in 2016, which constitutes a 31% growth percentage since 2015. Games using the Unity engine are now on 2.6 billion unique devices, a figure up 1 billion since the same time in 2016.

Riccitiello also commented that they had experienced some problems with stability in previous versions of the engine, but hoped that the doubled resources they have allocated to Quality Assurance has since mitigated this problem.

VRFocus will continue to bring you news from the Unity keynote and GDC.

Unity GDC17 - 2.6 Billion

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