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VRChat Partners with Morph 3D for VR Avatar Engine

Using Morph 3D’s Ready Room platform, VRChat users can create unique and personalised avatars.

Morph 3D has today announced its partnership with VRChat to offer access to the Ready Room platform; a suite of tools designed to allow users to easily create unique and personalised avatars for their virtual identities. Aiming to increase the adoption of virtual reality (VR) as a social medium, VRChat will offer users access to the avatar creation tools upon its Steam Early Access launch today.

VRChat screenshot

Creating a personalised avatar typically isn’t an option for those without advanced 3D skills. As social VR continues to evolve, Morph 3D expects that users will want to represent themselves with more personalised avatars and will need easily accessible tools and content to do so. Morph 3D’s Ready Room integration with VRChat lowers the barrier of entry for their users to create and manage their virtual identity.

“We are big fans of what VRChat is doing to revolutionise social VR, and are thrilled to help their users express themselves,” said James Thornton, CEO of Morph 3D. “At the heart of social VR is the ability for us to communicate and enjoy shared virtual experiences with people all over the world. The starting point of this experience is being able to create a virtual identity that best reflects who you are, just as you do in your day-to-day life.”

According to Morph 3D, this partnership will allow every day users will be able to create VR avatars feature dynamic lip sync, eyes that track, hand gestures, full-body IK and speech that uses spatial audio. These tools will lower the barrier for entry to a much larger group of users in social VR.

VRChat screenshot

“As one of the leading platforms in social VR, we are very selective in identifying partners that align with our vision,” said Graham Gaylor, Founder and CEO of VRChat. “Our avatar system is state of the art, featuring dynamic lip sync, eyes that track, hand gestures, full body IK and speech that uses spatial audio. Morph 3D was a natural fit from the beginning because they take full advantage of these systems. We love that their tools and content offer our users an unmatched level of avatar personalization.”

VRChat will launch via Steam Early Access today, and will be free to download. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on VRChat and other social platforms within VR.

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