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Aldin Dynamics Announces Partnership Program for Analysis Tool Ghostline

Ghostline allows devs to see all sorts of player interactions.

Aldin Dynamics, the Icelandic virtual reality (VR) company behind Waltz of the Wizard, has announced a partnership programme for its VR experience analysis tool Ghostline. In the first phase of its programme the studio has already collaborated with Cloudhead Games and SUPERHOT. 

Ghostline was first announced back in September 2015, designed specifically for VR experience analysis and design optimization. Studio’s can use the tools to focus development efforts and offer invaluable insights into the complex relationship between user behavior, content design and VR system setups.


As well as the partnership programme, Aldin Dynamics has released Ghostline insights for its VR experience Waltz of the Wizard on HTC Vive. With an ‘overwhelmingly positive’ feedback score on Steam, the studio reports its seen over 300,000 sessions from over 100,000 players since its initial release in May 2016. Other stats include the average play time sits at 19 minutes, 37 percent of players were from the US representing the largest audience, China had the largest room-scale play areas while Japan had the smallest, and Waltz of the Wizard saw a 284 percent download spike between November to December 2016.

For developers interested in Ghostline Aldin invites VR industry professionals to sign up to the Ghostline Early Access newsletter for further information.

Select partners will be joining the private program in 2017, and for further updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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