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Oculus Rift consumer headset

Apple Veteran Hired as Head of Oculus Hardware

Michael Hillman is a 15-year veteran of Apple Inc.

Over the last few months Oculus has gone through several internal changes, with the previous heads of the company moving to different roles whilst fresh blood has been brought in by parent company, Facebook. That trend continues with the recent reveal that Apple veteran, Michael Hillman, has been appointed as head of Oculus hardware. 

Bloomberg reports that Hillman has been hired to push the company’s virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD), Oculus Rift, into the mainstream. He’ll be working with Hans Hartmann, Oculus’ chief operating officer, said spokeswoman Andrea Schubert.


Alongside senior engineering and design roles at Apple, Hillman also worked on the iMac computer.

This appointment follows on from ex Xiaomi VP Hugo Barra heading Oculus itself. Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg made that announcement via a post on his own account in January. 

Oculus’ previous CEO Brendan Iribe will helm the PC focused arm of the business while Jon Thomason will lead the mobile division. There’s still been no word on where original founder and previous face of Oculus, Palmer Luckey, will fit in.

Facebook has been seriously shaking things up at Oculus, most likely due to the recent Zenimax lawsuit which found in the latter’s favour to the tune of $500 million USD. This hasn’t been clear cut with Zenimax filing an injunction to block Oculus from using its VR code, and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Oculus, John Carmack counter suing.

On top of all this, to aid in Oculus’ mainstream ambitions the company recently dropped the price for its Oculus Rift headset and the Oculus Touch controllers. This saw $200 slashed from the bundle cost, as well as individual savings including a $100 reduction on Oculus Touch. Intern the company released a $50 credit to consumers who’d recently purchased at the higher price.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Oculus, checkout the Oculus Rift Rundown to see some of the titles coming in 2017.

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