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Augmented Reality Toy SwapBots Launch Kickstarter Campaign

Bring toys to life with this Kickstarter campaign.

An augmented reality (AR) robot toy called SwapBots launched a funding campaign on Kickstarter yesterday. It aims to reach a goal of £25,000 (GBP) before April 12th 2017.

The SwapBots themselves are small, blocky objects in three parts; base, middle and head. These sections come apart and can be mixed-and-matched with sections from other SwapBots to create unique characters. The SwapBots can be registered with an AR smartphone app, which then unlocks different powers and stories for the character within the app, depending on what new piece is swapped in.

swap bots screenshot 1

The people behind SwapBots say there will be over 700 character combinations for children to battle and play games with. The funding tiers start as low as £5 (GBP) to ‘Buy the team a cup of coffee’ as they jokingly suggest on the Kickstarter page. The highest tier is £60 (GBP), which will get the backer 2 six-packs of the toys upon their release, which is currently expected to be July 2017.

Not all the designs have been finalised, but the presently finalised designs include a Gryphon, an Octopus and a Samurai.

swapbots image 3

VRFocus will bring you further information about SwapBots as it becomes available.

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