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Bundle Stars

Bundle Stars Latest Offer Includes VR Games

Nevermind and Euclidian in Dominator bundle

Official videogame discount service Bundle Stars is offering a new Steam bundle called the Dominator Bundle that includes two virtual reality (VR) games as part of the package.

The bundle has three tiers. The first costs only £1 (GBP) and contains VR-compatible title Euclidian, an endless falling game which the developer describes as “A Game of Geometric Horror.”
The title has three difficulty levels Hard, Nightmarish and Impossible and nine stages. Euclidian supports the Oculus Rift and includes 3D binaural sound for increased immersion.


Tier 1 also includes non-VR games JumpJet Rex, Voice & Meddler and 10 Second Ninja X.

Tier 2 costs £4.79 (GBP) and includes Nevermind, a horror title that includes VR support in addition to its main feature, which is the integration of bio-feedback as a central gameplay mechanic. Nevermind can link with wearable technology such as the AppleWatch to sense heart-rate, changes in which will affect the game environment. The game can be played without the heart sensor, in which case the game will use other methods such as eye-tracking to determine the player’s current stress level and react accordingly.


Other videogame titles in Tier 2 are: Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?, The Little Acre, Goliath, Master Spy Deluxe Edition, Scrap Garden and Out There Omega Edition.

Tier 3 costs £9.59 (GBP) and includes 8-Bit Armies, plus its soundtrack and Guardians Campaign DLC pack. Tier 4 costs £14.39 and adds popular multiplayer car football game Rocket League to the bundle.

All higher tiers include all games in the tiers below it.

You can find further details on the Dominator Bundle on the official Bundle Stars webpage.

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