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Canadian Music Week Includes Discussions on VR

Digital Media Summit will be on Wednesday 19th April 2017

The Canadian Music Week will be running from 18th April until 23rd April, 2017. Included within it will be the Digital Media Summit, which will cover a keynote speech and panel discussions related to virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

The Digital Media Summit will take place on Wednesday 19th April, 2017 at the Sheraton Centre in Toronto. The keynote interview will be with Scott Ross, who has headed up ILM and Lucas Film and hhelped to found Digital Domain. He will be speaking about his previous work in digital special effects and his new project, VR content studio Virtuosity

There will also be round table discussions, one discussion the impact of Pokemon Go, and how its success can be leveraged to use AR to sell more content. In addition, there will be a panel about music use in 360-degree video and AR, and how it affects the music industry.

Tickets for the Digital Media Summit cost $299 (CAD) , or a VIP pass for all the events of Canadian Music Week, including the music festival, is available for $999 (CAD).

Further information on tickets, pricing and a list of events can be found at the Canadian Music Week official website.

VRFocus will keep you informed on news from the Digital Media Summit and other VR events.

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