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Climax Studios Unveils Daydream Exclusive Lola and the Giant

There’s a companion app for another player to join in the adventure.

Today Climax Studios, the British developer behind virtual reality (VR) titles such as Bandit Six, Hunters Gate and Gun Sight, has announced a new adventure videogame for Google Daydream, Lola and the Giant.

Telling the story of Lola, a little girl who meets a lonely stone giant in a mysterious world, Lola and the Giant, takes players on a fantastical journey as they search for a way home.

Lola and the Giant - Companion App

On their travels through the world, players will have to solve puzzles whilst encountering weird and wonderful creatures in this lighthearted escapade. Gamers will be able to switch between third and first-person viewpoints as they control each character to utilise their individual abilities to succeed.

The videogame was inspired by Climax’s lead designer, Matt Duff recently becoming a father: “Lola and the Giant came to me a few months into me becoming a parent for the first time. I began to wonder how differently my daughter Eleanor saw the world compared to me. How we both occupied the same place but because of our vast differences in size, our perspectives of that world were completely different. One of the most immersive aspects of VR is a sense of place and so it became the perfect fit to tell this fairytale story of a little girl and her huge Giant, working together, trying to find a way back home.”

Climax Studios has also worked on a companion smartphone app allowing a second player to help the person in VR. “We wanted to create a VR game that could be experienced by everyone not just the user in the headset. We feel this is an important step to ensure the growth of the market,” added Matt.

As yet no date or price point have been confirmed Lola and the Giant. For further updates on Lola and the Giant, keep reading VRFocus.

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