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CNH Industrial Uses VR To Design New Tractors And Industrial Equipment

Agricultural machine manufacturer reveal how they use VR to improve the design process

Agricultural manufacturing company CNH Industrial is using virtual reality (VR) to model tractors and industrial machines that currently do not exist by using VR to work out design flaws.

Designers and engineers at CNH Industrial are using VR prototypes for optimising new product designs, which enables them to reduce number of physical prototypes that need to be built, saving time and materials costs. It is now possible to run a large number of tests on a VR prototype, on mechanicals, electronics and even ergonomics and comfort using these ‘Digital mock-ups’, which means the design can be refined easier and a larger variety of designs can be produced.


A network of high-performance computers consisting of over 2000 cores allows high-speed transmission of these digital mock-ups, which allows engineers to share designs, pull apart virtual components and collaborate to fix issues that arise during the design process, without needing to be in the same physical space.

“We live an age of digital revolution and we listen every day to words like virtual engineering, digital manufacturing and our people are very involved with this technology.” Gennaro Monacelli, Head of Design Analysis and Simulation at CNH Industrial said, “This technology will require new skills and new jobs, but our people are already prepared for this.”

Claudia Campanella, Ergonomics and HMI Manager added, “For me what is very exiting is staying in contact with people, understanding their needs and helping them stay well inside the product. With this information and technology, I can reproduce it inside the virtual world.”

CNH Industrial join a range of companies that are now using VR or Augmented Reality (AR) to help with design and engineering problems. From Visual Effects technicians using VR to get the perfect shot, to Aecom using the HoloLens to aid construction projects.

You can watch a video on CNH Industrial’s use of VR below.

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