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Coatsink Confirm New Title A Night Sky Exclusive to Gear VR

The experience supports the headsets new controller.

British virtual reality (VR) developer Coatsink Software is synonymous with mobile titles, having launched Esper, Esper 2 and recently announcing Augmented Empireall for Samsung Gear VR. To coincide with today’s announcements from Samsung and its new Gear VR controller, the studio has unveiled a brand new title to arrive alongside the device next month, called A Night Sky.

A Night Sky will be a relaxing experience for Gear VR users with the Coatsink stating in the description: “A campfire crackles on the edge of a secluded vale as the player relaxes beneath the open sky. Using simple point and touch controls, the player connects the constellations above to form patterns among the stars. As different shapes are discovered, strange and wonderful creatures are brought to life that stride, bound and glide around the hillside.”

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The videogame will arrive on 7th April 2017, and will be completely free to download.

While Samsung has previously announced that over 70 titles are in development that support the new controller only a few have so far been confirmed. These are Augmented Empire, Drop Dead, SingSpace, Rangi and Rooms.

Interestingly in Coatsink’s press release the studio states that: “Our experience will be released alongside nearly 20 other titles  (from other developers) to choose from in April for all Samsung gear users in celebration of the new Gear VR and Controller”. This is the best information yet on how many videogames will be available for the device at launch on 21st April.

If you’ve been following VRFocus’ coverage of Samsung Unpacked you’ll know about the new Gear 360 camera as well as the price of the new Gear VR controller and its specifications. US customers will also be able to make use of a Verizon Bundle deal.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Coatsink, reporting back with the latest announcements from the studio.

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