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Coatsink Software Release More Augmented Empire Screenshots

New screenshots for Coatsink’s new tactical RPG Augmented Empire are revealed

Earlier this week, VRFocus reported on the announcement of Coatsink Software’s new game Augmented Empire. Now they’ve revealed some more screenshots so we can get a closer look.

Coatsink, who have previously seen success with their games Esper and Esper 2, are going for a tactical role-playing game (RPG) set in a futuristic noir-style city that is divided into a strict three-tier caste system referred to as the ‘Citizen Grade System’.

Gameplay involved the player instructing a team of what Coatsink describe as ‘augmented misfits’ to do certain tasks while the player interacts with an augmented reality (AR) office to make telephone calls, manage the skills of their team and investigate new developments within the game world.

Coatsink was founded in 2009 by Tom Beardmore and Paul Crabb. They received considerable success in the virtual reality (VR) area with Esper and Esper 2.

There is as of yet no confirmed price point or release date for Augmented Empire, but Coatsink have confirmed it will be out for the Gear VR some time in 2017. You can see the new screenshots below.

VRFocus will continue to bring you updates on Augmented Empire as they are released.

Augmented Empire - 0203-1 Augmented Empire - 0203-2 Augmented Empire - 0203-3 Augmented Empire - 0203-4

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