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Comic Book Arcade Shooter Dimension Hunter Coming to Vive and Rift

Tongue-in-cheek FPS is expected to launch ‘soon’.

Humorous first-person shooter Dimension Hunter is coming soon to HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Developed by UK-based studio Pocket Money Games, Dimension Hunter is about hopping between dimensions on a mission to hunt brain-eating head crabs.

If ever a videogame could be said to be not taking itself remotely seriously, it is this one. The Steam description page refers to the headcrabs as mutating their humans hosts into “Grotesque monsters, beasts, and croc wearers.”

The aesthetic of the game is strongly inspired by black-and-white comic books, with only the occasional flash of colour, like the red of lasers. The guns also pop up with the type of ‘Blam!’ and ‘Bang!’ visual sound effects that you would expect from a comic. Similar onomatopoeia can been seen all over the game.

Gameplay involves the player taking the role of Cyborg 69 and travelling to different locations and hunting down those possessed by the headcrabs and disposing of them. There is a selection of weapons that differ someone to the average FPS loadout. The starter weapon is a blaster pistol, but the player also gets access to a crossbow, shotgun, rocket launcher, flamethrower and even a Halflife-inspired Gravity Gun.

Dimension Hunter is a roomscale experience, meaning that those interested in playing it will need to clear a space of at least 2m by 1.5m in order to play, as well as having 360-degree tracking setup. Motion controllers are also required, so Oculus Rift users will need to make sure they have Touch equipped.

There is as of yes, no confirmed release date and no price point, though the developers say that Dimensions Hunter will be available ‘Soon’.

VRFocus will keep you updated on Dimension Hunter and other upcoming releases.

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