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Customers Get Chance To Flip Pancakes In IKEA’s Virtual Kitchen

It may not be Pancake Day anymore, but IKEA want you to get your saucepan arm ready…

IKEA Canada is taking a unique approach to kitchen design by offering customers that chance to flip pancakes in a virtual simulation of their dream kitchen.

The IKEA Etobicoke store in Toronto, Ontario is piloting two virtual reality (VR) experiences for customers. The first is the IKEA VR Pancake Kitchen, which allows customers to get a feel of various kitchen designs through the medium of flipping pancakes. The second is the VR Kitchen Visualiser, which allows customers to see a basic version of what their finalised kitchen design for their home will look like when complete.

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“IKEA strives to be an innovative company and is exploring virtual reality as a tool to better meet with our customers. We know that this technology is developing fast and will play a major role in the future for our customers,” says Rob Kelly, Head of Sales, IKEA Canada. “Through this test, we want to learn if virtual reality experiences will help our customers to visualize their dreams and make informed choices when buying a kitchen.”

The two VR experiences are designed to complement the existing IKEA Home Planner that is already available in IKEA stores and on the main IKEA website. The two VR experiences were developed for the HTC Vive headset and are expected to be rolled out to other stores for testing in Sweden and Belgium soon.

Further information on commercial VR use will be available here at VRFocus.

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