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Discover Two Million Years of History with the British Museum’s latest VR experience

Two Million Years of History And Humanity available via Oculus Store

The British Museum has partnered with virtual reality (VR) content developer Boulevard to create a way for museum-goers to interact with ancient objects.

Boulevard has created an Oculus Touch application called Two Million Years of History And Humanity which allows Oculus users to view and compare 48 objects from the British Museum’s vast collection of artefacts. Using the Oculus Touch, it is even possible to reach out and pick up objects such as the Mesopotamian Flood Tablet, or a two-million-year old stone chopping tool which is the oldest item in the British Museum collection.

The British Museum - Galleon ship

The British Museum is the world’s oldest national public museum. Its staff are known as world leaders in history, archaeology and anthropology and its collection is one of the most diverse and fascinating, covering world cultures from the dawn of humanity, to the ancient Egyptians to the Renaissance right through to the present day.

Chris Michaels, Head of Digital and Publishing, British Museum said: “Virtual reality is the next frontier for museums. Though nothing can replace the experience of visiting a museum, and learning about an object through looking, this adds a whole new element to that experience – opening up a kind of intimate study previously reserved only for specialist curators. The British Museum is delighted to partner with Boulevard on this amazing new way to share our collection with the world.”

Two Million Years of History And Humanity is available for free from the Oculus Store for users around the world.

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