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Dungeon Crawler Crystal Rift On Sale for PlayStation VR

PlayStation Store launches ‘Totally Digital’ special offer.

Developer Psytec Games have announced on Twitter that virtual reality (VR) dungeon crawler title Crystal Rift is now available as part of the Totally Digital 2-for-1 PlayStation Store sale.

Crystal Rift is compatible with both PlayStation VR and standard PlayStation 4. It is a dungeon crawler RPG in the classic style familiar to players of old school classics like the Diablo series as well as games like Ultima Underworld. The title features grid-based movement, monsters, traps and everything your average Dungeons and Dragons player would expect from a decent dungeon.

Crystal Rift screenshot

There are 26 levels, all which have their own style and aesthetic. There is a story within the game, but the player must discover it through exploration and following clues to discover the full narrative.

For those who like horror in their VR experience, there are optional ‘scare levels’ of Extreme, Normal or Off. There is also the option to use an editor so users can create and share their own maps.

The Totally Digital 2-for-1 offer lasts until the 5th April, and includes other games such as Slender: The Arrival, Art of Balance, Grow Home and even infamous bird dating simulator Hatoful Boyfriend.

VRFocus will continue to bring you news on discounts and special offers for VR titles.

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