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Epic Games Release 3 Official Mod Packs for Robo Recall, Includes New Level

Add more weapons and a new character to the VR FPS.

If you missed the big news last week, Epic Games, the creators of Gears of War and Unreal Engine, launch its first fully fledged virtual reality (VR) title Robo Recall. The successor to tech demo Bullet Train, Oculus Touch owners get to play the videogame for free, and now the studio has expanded the experience further with three official mod packs.

Mods are a way for users to change and tweak the title, adding weapons, abilities, levels or whatever they wish depending on their talents. To get people started – especially if you’ve never modded before – Epic Games has released a new character model: Paragon’s Kallari & Twinblast Pack, a new level: Unreal Tournament’s DM-Chill Map, and new weapons: Melee Weapons from Fortnite, all based off the studio’s other IP’s. As an added bonus the dev states in a forum post: “These ship uncooked with the latest robo recall mod kit so modders can learn how to mod.”

Robo Recall screenshot

Robo Recall has supported modding right from launch, and for those new to creating their own mods VRFocus has created a ‘How to’ guide on installing the kit.

The videogame has been met with general praise form the VR community, VRFocus awarded the title a maximum 5 Stars in our review, saying: “Robo Recall elicits such a high standard that future FPS titles will be measured by it, and should be considered a killer app for Oculus Touch.”

Epic Games will likely be releasing further mods and keep an eye out for user generated content to expand Robo Recall even further.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Epic Games and Robo Recall, reporting back with any further updates.

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