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Epic Games Talk to VRFocus About Unreal Engine’s VREditor Version 2

Epic Games Mike Fricker and Lauren Ridge discuss the latest developments with the Unreal Engine VREditor.

Mike Fricker, Technical Director at Epic Games and colleague Lauren Ridge (Technical Writer) spoke to VRFocus about the changes and improvements that have been made to the Unreal Engine VREditor.

At the Epic Games keynote, a new version of VR mode tools was revealed during a video presentation. Added features included; Asymmetric hands with laser pointer for object tracking. Floating user interfact (UI) panel with radial menu for rapid access to options to switch between playing and editing rapidly without ever needing to take off the headset. A new Mesh editing mode to allow users to create objects from scratch within Unreal Engine while still wearing VR headset.

First version was released over a year ago, and the new version is available now on Github to download and compile.

You can watch the interview with Mike Fricker and Lauren Ridge below.

VRFocus will keep you up to date with developments on the VREditor and Unreal Engine.

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