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Flexpoint and CaptoGlove team up to create VR/AR Glove Controller

CaptoGlove will be using Flexpoint’s Bend Sensors.

Two companies in the market of producing accessories for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) systems, Flexpoint Sensor Systems and CaptoGlove, have formed a strategic partnership to create a consumer ready, wearable gaming motion controller.

Flexpoint, known for producing custom flexible sensors called Bend Sensors for use in data gloves, including a ‘build-it-yourself’ kit that comes with five Bend Sensors, a PCB board and connectors, has received a mass production order from CaptoGlove to go into its device. Just like Manus VR, CaptoGlove will be utilising Flexpoint’s Bend Sensors in a wearable VR motion controller designed for gaming that translates human hand movements into accurate digital inputs.

CaptoGlove (10)


CaptoGlove and Flexpoint both expect demand for this type of product to be on the rise as the VR/AR industry continues to grow. CaptoGlove COO Mauro Bettiol said in a statement: “Our product is engineered with quality in mind: from software to hardware. When we decided to scale our production and maintain the quality standards very high, we partnered with Flexpoint.”

Paul Sexauer, Flexpoint VP Sales & Marketing, added: “To be a strategic partner with such a ground-breaking technology leader in a rapidly burgeoning marketspace is an honour. We are especially pleased as this represents the largest order we have received in one of our targeted market segments. This is a relationship we look forward to continuing to build.”

The partnership between the two companies is part of a deal for CaptoGlove and Flexpoint to provide VR/AR systems to other businesses and military as well as directly to consumers.

VRFocus will bring you further updates on CaptoGlove and Flexpoint as they come in.

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