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Guitar Godz VR rock onto Kickstarter

Independent game studio hope to crowdfund competitor to Rock Band VR.

Independent videogame developer Flow State Media has today launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for their ambitious new project – Guitar Godz VR.

The developer aims to produce the new title for HTC Vive and PlayStation VR, which will be a virtual reality (VR) rhythm game in the same vein as the recently launched Rock Band VR. However, the developers say that unlike Rock Band VR, there will be no need to buy any new peripherals.

“We fully recognize that no one wants to buy more plastic instruments, so we’ve found an alternative that offers maximum flexibility to players at no additional cost,” says Kahn Jekarl, founder and CEO of Flow State Media “One controller holds down the frets, the other controller is used for strumming. If you’ve ever played ‘air guitar’, you instantly get it. It’s an absolute blast to play, and extremely visceral and core to the experience of rocking onstage.”

The title is also planned to feature interesting innovations. The note chart will constantly hover in front of the player’s vision in a HUD-style, so no matter where the player looks, if they want to check the crowd, or have a look at the venue, the notes will still be there. In addition, the developers are planning to implement multiplayer. In the PlayStation VR version, for example, one player can play guitar and use the headset while a friend watches on TV and plays the bassline.

Curiously, there is only one reward tier for the Kickstarter – $25 USD for a copy of the game upon release. Or you can pledge $10 to support the project without a reward.

Flow State Media are seeking $500,000 in funding to complete the project. It is an ‘All or nothing’ Kickstarter, so the funding will only go through if the goal is reached by the time the campaign ends on 4th April, 2017.

Guitar Godz VR aims to have 40-50 songs upon release, though a full track list has not yet been revealed. There are also plans to have a variety of venues to play in. If the funding is successful, the development team hope to release the game in October or November 2017.

You can watch the Kickstarter campaign video below. Further information is available on the Kickstarter page.

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