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Harmonix Reveal Gameplay Details Of Rock Band VR

Harmonix released video going into details about the new Rock Band VR gameplay and scoring system

In a new video, Harmonix go into more detail about how the gameplay and scoring of Rock Band VR is going to work.

Firstly, there is an entirely new gameplay and scoring system built specially for virtual reality (VR). Harmonix say it tries to be closer to experience of live performing, as opposed to previous games trying to be closer to nailing a studio session.

The basic concept involves playing chords instead of single buttons, and matching the rhythm with the strum. Each chord has a corresponding colour which you have to string together in the right sequence to maximise your score. Visual cues on the guitar neck in the colours of the chords will indicate what combos to play when. For example, a fairly simple combo is alternating two different types of chords while strumming to the rhythm of the song. In effect, most of the gameplay is freestyle, with indication of what to play when being a lot looser.


The Overdrive bonus also returns. Another method of increasing the score, or for a struggling player to save themselves from failing the song. You gather Overdrive power by hitting certain blue combinations. A blue glow around the guitar head indicates overdrive bonus is ready, which is activated by lifting the neck of the guitar. You can extend ‘Overdrive’ by doing typical Rock Concert stage moves such as headbanging or jumping.


Rock Band VR is available for pre-order and will be launched on March 23rd 2017 for the Oculus Rift. You can watch the video below.

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