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Organ Quarter screenshot 1

Horror Game Organ Quarter Meets Kickstarter Goal

VR horror game aims to evoke 90s-era survival horror.

Virtual Reality (VR) survival horror game Organ Quarter launched it’s Kickstarter campaign in early February, and has managed to meet it’s $6,500 funding goal. The pre-alpha demo of Organ Quarter is already available on Steam and itch.io where it has received fairly positive user reviews.

The team behind Organ Quarter say they are aiming to focus on the elements that make survival horror a great genre, such as labyrinthine environments, resource management and well-balanced puzzles. They’ve described the game experience as being; “Resident Evil by way of David Cronenberg and David Lynch. A less hammy, more feverish and analogous body horror narrative looking at what really makes a human being ‘tick’.”

Organ Quarter screenshot 1

The developers say they got their inspiration for the game from 90’s and early 2000’s titles such as Silent Hill 2, Alone In The Dark and Condemned and wish to invoke the spirit of that era of horror.

The Kickstarter had a range of funding tiers from the basic $20 USD for a digital copy, through to $350 which allowed three backers to name streets and store fronts within the game, get a digital copy of the soundtrack and even write a secret in-game message for future players to discover.

Organ Quarter screenshot 2

The team is targeting a July 2017 launch, initially for the HTC Vive, but they say the game will eventually be ported to Oculus Rift and once the VR versions are up, a non-VR version will also be released.

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