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HTC Announces New Education Partnerships, VR Ad Service and More for HTC Vive

HTC Vive’s second year as a consumer product is going to hit hard…

HTC Corporation today announced a series of new partnerships for the HTC Vive at the start of the 2017 Vive Ecosystem Conference (VEC2017). Ranging from virtual reality (VR) content development to education initiatives, the VEC2017 event has kicked-off the HTC Vive’s second year as a consumer product with a bang.

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“2016 was clearly an important year for Vive and the entire VR industry, and with all the major announcements made today 2017 is off to a great start. With the main stream entertainment industry coming into VR in a major way, its awareness and understanding will soon reach new heights. The entire VR industry is looking for new revenue sources and distribution channels, and today’s announcement reinforces Vive’s role in enabling a sustainable ecosystem.” said Mr. Alvin W. Graylin, China Regional President of Vive.

Creating a sustainable revenue model for VR developers has always been of great interest to HTC, as can be seen with the company’s commentary on VR arcades. This set the stage for today’s launch of HTC Vive’s VR Ad Service and Viveport SDK, which provides brands with new advertising formats to reach consumers and enables developers with in-app-payment models and multi-user services.

A new partnership announced today is intended to drive the growth of VR entertainment; HTC has signed an agreement with GOME, the largest home appliance retail channel in China. Under this agreement, the HTC Vive will serve as GOME VR cinemas’ main technology partner and provide support for China’s first chain of one hundred VR locations this year.


Meanwhile, VIVEPAPER signed a strategic partnership agreement with Qingdao Publishing Group to construct a “Demonstration Platform for VR Reading and Innovative Education” set to reach schools in major cities nationwide in the coming years. The platform will allow the content and channel resources of Qingdao Publishing Group and industry partners to distribute VR education content and services to schools, libraries, and Xinhua Bookstores.

To help push VR to mass awareness, a strategic partnership between HTC Vive and Warner Bros. was announced at the conference, whereby the HTC Vive will serve as the exclusive VR partner for all content and online/offline activations for the highly anticipated theatrical and home entertainment release of Steven Spielberg’s coming film, Ready Player One. The second batch of companies selected for Vive X, Vive’s global accelerator program, were also announced at VEC2017.

There’s more coming from VEC2017 today, so be sure to stay tuned to VRFocus for all the latest details.

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