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Kaon Interactive

Kaon Interactive Adds Augmented Reality To It’s Marketing Platform

Kaon Interactive introduce AR into it’s High Velocity Marketing Platform

3D interactive sales and marketing firm Kaon Interactive has announced it will be introducing augmented reality (AR) experiences into it’s High Velocity Marketing Platform.

Kaon AR will allow the introduction of 3D Product Models that are scaled and designed to be the same size as the physical product to be seamlessly introduced to real-world environments with the use of Tango-enabled mobile phones and tablets.

This allows customers who, for example, may be shopping for new furniture to look through the smartphone and see what a specific sofa or coffee table might look like if placed in their living room.


“The effectiveness of marketing and sales experiences are dramatically increased when customers can see your products appear in their actual physical space and can then contextualize the benefits of that solution because they have that clear mental image of how that product fits and works,” said Gavin Finn, President & CEO of Kaon Interactive. “It truly creates an emotional connection with prospects that transcends traditional sales and marketing relationships.”

Rachel Zerilla, Marketing Analyst at Seagate Technology added;”At CES the WOW factor of demonstrating our cloud systems using augmented reality was amazing. Investors, customers, partners and analysts could walk right into the system to explore unique features and visualize it in the physical space at scale. It fit in perfectly as to how we were deploying technology innovation at the event.”

Kaon AR is available immediately for customers as part of the High Velocity Marketing Platform.

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