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Life In 360°: Campaigning In 360° Is Just A Matter Of Time…

OmniVirt are busy this week with an advertisement for an ABC television drama.

Friday is here again, but this time it begins with a Life In 360° that is very much all business. In a number of ways. Earlier in the week we reported on about Omnivirt, a 360 degree video and virtual reality (VR) advertising platform. Founded by former Google and YouTube employees the company has already received a lot of funding and is already working with a number of big players. Including, VRFocus reported at the time, Snapchat.

This last week however saw a 360 degree trailer for ABC’s Time After Time go live on the Yahoo, Bustle, and Google Doubleclick platforms.

Time After Time

Time After Time is based on the novel and movie of the same name in which famed novelist H.G. Wellsengages in a cat-and-mouse chase of the man he thought to be his friend but who just very well might be Victorian mass murderer Jack the Ripper. Wells uses his time machine of literary fame to follow Jack the Ripper (who has used the same) to New York City in the modern day. Here Wells finds a world even he could scarcely imagine, and as for Jack? He finds a world where even his exploits seem tame in comparison to some of the things going on around him. He might’ve found somewhere new to call home and begin a new – it’s up to Wells to stop him.

“These immersive experiences need to find an audience.” Says OmniVirt’s Chief Operating Officer Michael Rucker, “Its great to see marketers having the strategic foresight to think about a robust digital distribution strategy for their immersive content.”
You can see the experience here: http://upload.omnivirt.com/content/6578
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