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Life in 360°: Fire, Steam, Smoke & Thrust

A NASA engine test gets the 360 degree treatment.

Space, science and engineering. We do like a bit of that here on VRFocus, and so do you judging by the interest in a recent story on the site. Which brought news about NASA creating, via Unreal Engine, a virtual simulation of the International Space Station (ISS) for the education and training of astronauts.

So considering that, I thought we’d have something space related again this morning for our first Life In 360 video of the week. We won’t be up in space itself though, not even orbiting the Earth or being high in our atmosphere.  We’re staying very definitely on terra firma for this as we head over to Mississippi and the Stennis Space Center where back on 22nd February 2017 NASA tested their RS-25 engine in a hot-fire test. One of a series of tests which are designed to put the engine, an upgraded version of those used in the fleet of former space shuttles, through the various stresses and strains you can expect in a launch scenario.

So settle back and ger ready to be surrounded by fire, smoke, steam and spray as 512,000 lbs of engine thrust is unleashed. Check back throughout the day on VRFocus or more virtual reality (VR) news, reviews and interviews.


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