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Life In 360°: Take A Tour Of Your Future Home With iStaging

iStaging are back with a new 360 degree platform for property sellers.

With another weekend consigned to the history books welcome back to VRFocus for another week, another Monday, and another trip into the world of 360 degrees with Life In 360°.

Today though we’re not taking you off into the skies or under the sea, or even dealing with video for that matter as we’re simply reporting on some 360 degree related news closer to home. More specifically your potential future home courtesy of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) company iStaging.


iStaging, which focuses on real estate and who we last spoke of on VRFocus just over a year ago has released a new mobile-centric platform comprising of an app (VR Cam), product suite and cloud storage space where estate agents can store and edit “virtual tours” of the properties they are selling in 360 degrees.

The virtual tours essentially comprise of a series of 360 degree images which are navigatable by teleportation via hotspots within the images and on the shown floor plan of the property.

“Home buyers and real estate agents are demanding a better, more efficient way of discovering and showing properties.” Explains Kevin Basset, iStaging’s Head of Marketing in a statement. “Virtual tours help real estate agents and their clients make visiting and purchasing decisions much faster. Creating these tours usually requires expensive equipment and the help of a specialist. iStaging has worked hard to deliver a comprehensive mobile solution that costs only $9/month, hardware included.”

The pricepoint allows up to ten tours to be online in the cloud space simultaneously. $19 (USD) per month gets you 25 tours and $39 per month nets you space for 100. A free, “lightweight” version of the service is also available. According to iStaging those that are using the paid subscription method will also receive a free fisheye lens for their smartphone.

You can see an example of the tours here, with this Parisian apartment which has already received over 8000 views at the time of writing. An advertising video for the platform has also been released by iStaging and you can see that below.

Life In 360° returns to our more regular offerings on Wednesday, be sure to check out VRFocus throughout the week for news from the VR and AR tech space.

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