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Life In 360°: The Spherical-ness Of The Long Distance Runner

Today’s video has us off to California for a bit of a run…

Welcome back to Life In 360°, where we take a thrice weekly look into one of the ways you can use a virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) in order to get into the action. Before we get on with today’s visit though, if you’re interested in 360 degree video or you’re looking to get into 360 degree video production then should certainly check out our new guide on the best 360° video cameras on the market

Now onto today’s video, and we’re stepping into the world of sport. If you live outside of the United States it is highly unlikely you were aware that last Sunday was marathon day in the City of Angels, with an estimated 24, 000 runners tackling a 26.2-mile course from the L.A. Dodgers’ stadium before heading down to Santa Monica to end things in a course dubbed “Stadium to the Sea”. Luckily, Los Angeles’ own Los Angeles Times was there to get in the thick of things and report on the day’s events – and part of their tools for doing so? A 360 degree camera.

The L.A. Marathon was first run back on March 9th 1986, running Open, Masters, and Wheelchair races for men and women every year since its inception. And 31 years later the event shows very little sign of slowing down. So whether they’re running for charity or themselves you can be transported to Los Angeles below and, effectively, lean against a lamppost on a corner whilst a stream of humanity whizzes past you.

Something a little different, anyway.

We’ll be back Friday with another visit to Life In 360° on VRFocus this Friday.

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