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Life In 360° / 360 Degree Video

Life In 360°: Wouldn’t Say Boo To A Goose

An tale of unexpected love in an unexpected place.

Welcome back to another week in the land of multiple realities. Whether you’re interested in virtual, augmented or mixed reality there was plenty to spark your interest last week what with both the Mobile World Congress (or MWC) in Barcelona, Spain and the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco.

Last week was certainly fast and furious and I certainly recommend looking back over the last, well, 810 pages on the site to check out everything that was announced, updated, revealed – the works! (Including a couple of new previews that are definitely worth checking out.)

It’s a bit of a mystery of course, with two big events in such a short time, just what will be revealed this week by the various players in the market. So check back regularly on VRFocus. What we do know however is how the week starts, and that is as always with Life In 360°.

We’re up in the air yet again – kind of. We’re off to Idaho and KTVB Idaho‘s News Channel 7 who have posted a 360 degree video of a news story from the area… and it’s an odd one. It seems a Canadian Goose has found love! With a lady’s car? It’s an odd story to be sure, but it certainly seems to be true. Especially as you get to see the goose flying after, and alongside his ‘lady’ love to protect ‘her’.

It’s an odd start for the week to be sure, and we’ll be back with another video from around the world on Wednesday.

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