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Lowe’s Introduces In-Store Navigation Using Augmented Reality

US Hardware store continues to innovate with VR and AR.

Some shops are sufficiently large that it is easy to get lost in them, or at least very hard to locate the item you are looking for in a store that covers several acres. Hardware store Lowe’s believe they have a solution with their new in-store navigation app.

Using Google Tango-enabled phones, the app uses motion tracking and area learning to guide customers through the store using an augmented reality (AR) interface. Any Tango-enabled smartphone is able to use the app, which can create and store lists of required items, access product reviews and comparison information in addition to simply providing store navigation.

The technology is planned to be rolled out to stores in California and Washington in April, where it will be evaluated and tested before further roll outs.

“Our research shows that helping make it easier for customers to find products in stores not only makes for a better shopping experience, it allows our associates to spend more time advising on home improvement projects,” said Kyle Nel, executive director of Lowe’s Innovation Labs. “With Lowe’s Vision: In-Store Navigation, we’ve created a more seamless experience using breakthrough technology so customers can save time shopping and focus more on their project.”

Lowe’s have used virtual reality technology in their stores before, as they have previously introduced VR experiences to some of its stores to help customers with learning how to tackle tricky DIY projects. Lowe’s even has its own research arm, Lowe’s Innovation Labs, which focusses on new ways to improve the experience for Lowe’s customers.

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