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Market in Devices with Gesture Control To Be Worth $34 Billion by 2022

Markets and Markets releases report into predicted growth of gesture control devices.

The market in what is described as ‘Gesture Recognition and Touchless Sensing’ is set to reach a value of over $34 Billion (USD) by 20124, according to research by market analysis company Markets and Markets.

The growth in the gesture control market is expected to be largely driven by smartphones, which have already begun incorporating eye-tracking in addition to the standard touch-based gesture controls such as ‘pinch-zoom’. For example, Samsung recently introduced technology to its smartphones that can pause a playing video if the user looks away from the screen. The report also expects that eye-tracking and body tracking will begin to see more use in security to confirm identity and track suspicious individuals.

Touchless sensing, or non-touch gesture control to give it another name is where camera tracking or other motion tracking is used as the user make specific gesture to correspond to a particular action, such as in the demo of Fallout 4 VR, if the player raises their right hand towards their face, the Pip-Boy display will appear, or in The Mage’s Tale, where spells are cast using a particular set of hand gestures.

The report says that such camera-based touchless sensing is expected to see the largest amount of growth through the period specified, and uptake of the technology by commercial, non-gaming industries is expected to increase significantly.

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