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Microsoft Rolls Out Creators Update with new Mixed Reality Features

Several new features added to Windows 10 PC and Tablets.

From 11th April, Microsoft will be rolling out a large Creators Update to devices running Windows 10. The update will contain several new features, including some for 3D modelling and Mixed Reality (MR).

The Microsoft Paint Windows accessory has been a staple of the Operating System for a very long time. It has been used by everyone from young children who just want bright colours splodged on the screen, to professionals who just need to quickly crop a photo. I doubt there are many people who use a Windows device on a regular basis who have not, at some point, used MS Paint.

Now Microsoft are going one step further and introducing the Paint 3D app, a simplified application for 3D modelling, complete with a library of pre-made 3D art and textures with the Remix3D library.

In addition, Microsoft have been working together with several Manufacturers to produce new Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP and Lenovo are all set to begin shipping the new headsets later this year, which will all come with the new Creators Update from launch to enable them to interface smoothly with the new MR features. The new headsets are expected to be priced at $299 (USD).

Other features included in the Creators Update includes the new videogame livestreaming service Beam, which will enable livestreaming from Xbox One or Windows 10 PCs. A blue light filter is also being introduced, which reduces the amount of blue light coming from a screen. Studies have shown that decreasing the amount of blue light from a screen at night can help users to sleep.

Microsoft are also introducing measures that allow a PC to be paired with a smartphone or tablet so the PC will be locked automatically if you step away from the PC. There are also screen time limits being introduced that allow parents to control the amount of time their children spent gaming or web browsing.

A brief trailer for the new update can be viewed below.

For further news on Microsoft’s Mixed Reality projects and related topics, keep watching VRFocus.

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