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Verve & Digital Domain

Mobile Advertising Platform Verve and Digital Effects Studio Digital Domain Join Forces

VFX company Digital Domain join up with mobile marketing firm Verve to create exclusive content

Mobile marketing provider Verve today announced it is teaming up with visual effects (VFX) studio Digital Domain in a deal where Digital Domain will produce exclusive video content for Verve’s mobile marketing platform.

Digital Domain is a respected VFX studio known for their work on Titanic, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Deadpool. They’ve also done extensive work in providing virtual reality (VR) live streaming for live events.

“Brands are constantly looking for new ways to break through the noise and reach their target audiences,” said Amit Chopra, Executive Director and COO, Digital Domain. “Part of our company goal is to establish global alliances in new markets, and our partnership with Verve forges a powerful combination of technology and artistry — one that will enable brands to deliver engaging and contextually relevant ads to consumers.”

Marketing research has indicated that VR experiences elicit a stronger sense of emotional engagement than traditional advertising. Kevin Arrix, CRO of Verve, commented; “This initial partnership agreement provides Verve with an inventive new set of creative capabilities and, more importantly, it introduces exciting new opportunities for our clients to develop powerful and meaningful experiences for consumers. Virtual reality is rapidly emerging as a transformative new advertising medium. We’ve long been familiar with the quality of Digital Domain’s work in this area, and we are excited to partner with them in building the future of mobile advertising that VR represents.”

The prospect of advertisements in VR is a growing topic of interest for companies looking to increase their revenue. One such company is Adobe, who VRFocus reported earlier in the week are developing a VR advertising platform of their own. As things continue to develop in this section of the industry we will bring you more information. Be sure to follow VRFocus on social media to stay up to date.

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