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More Content for Affected series coming soon to Oculus Rift

Three new games in the Affected series expected by the end of the year.

Popular horror title Affected: The Manor was launched for Oculus Rift last week after being available for Gear VR. Now developer Fallen Planet is working on new instalments in the series.

Affected was originally a tech demo designed for the Oculus development kit, the DK1. A version titled Affected: The Manor later came out for mobile VR on the Gear VR where it enjoyed renewed popularity, reaching no. 1 in the mobile apps section of the Oculus Store. The new version is now available for Oculus Rift complete with Touch support.


Fallen Planet is currently working on future titles in the series. The second instalment, Affected: The Asylum expected to be released for Oculus Rift in May, followed by The Carnival in October, just in time for Halloween. The developer is also working on Affected: The Cabin, which will be a much longer, narrative experience inspired by the works of renowned horror filmmakers such as John Carpenter and David Lynch.

Fallen Planet Creative Director Mark Paul said in an interview on Oculus’ blog: “First and foremost, we wanted to make something entertaining. We use horror as a vehicle for these VR experiences, but we try to make sure they’re never gory or gratuitous. That can be off-putting to a lot of people, especially when it’s in VR! Essentially, we recreate the live haunted house walk-throughs that are already so popular around the world. When you add VR into that equation, it makes for a very powerful experience.”

Affected: The Manor is available now through the Oculus Store for £5.99 (GBP).

VRFocus will keep you updated with further content for the Affected series.

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