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Oculus Announce Price Drop For Rift And Touch Controllers

Oculus announce price drop for Touch bundle and other accessories

Oculus is dropping the price of it’s Rift head mounted display (HMD) and the Touch controller bundle to $598 (USD). That makes it $200 (USD) less than when it was release last year.

If you already own the Rift headset, Touch is now $99 (USD) and an additional Oculus Sensor is $59 (USD). The Oculus Rift headset on it’s own is $499 (USD).

Oculus Price Cut

The Oculus team said on their website; “That starts with making PC VR as affordable as possible. We’re excited to announce that starting today Rift plus Touch is only $598.”

Jason Rubin, Oculus VP of Content had this to say on the price drop; “After launching VR into a hype cycle generated outside of the industry, we’ve recently seen some of those same voices shift to predictions of VR doom and gloom. We believe these stories are as overblown as the initial hype, and we still believe in VR’s unlimited long-term potential. Today we’re taking a material leap forward thanks to two things: price and timing.

Let’s start with price. We’ve read all the stories and looked at the analyst reports. VR is going through the normal adoption cycle for new pieces of technology. We saw hype into launch, facing impossible expectations, and we will eventually break out with the “hockey stick” of mass adoption.”

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