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Oculus Rift Shooter Landfall Announces Double XP Weekend

Double XP and special ‘versus developer’ matches are on offer.

Twin-stick virtual reality (VR) shooter Landfall was released only a few weeks ago on February 21st for Oculus Rift, and now developer Force Field VR is launching its first ever double-experience weekend.

Players of Landfall can use gained experience as a type of currency to unlock the various gun load-outs featuring specialised weapons as well as new mechs, which form the main heavy armament in the game. New weapon load-outs means more devastating and spectacular attacks, so the offer of double experience should be tempting to many players.

Landfall new screenshot 3

Landfall’s setting is one of a world devastated by a flood which has drowned much of the usable landmass, leaving the remaining population locked in a power struggle over the remaining habitable areas. The game consists of a single-player mode – which can also be played in co-op – as well as a multiplayer mode that allows for 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 combat.

Force Field VR is launching the double experience weekend starting on Friday March 10th from 1am (PT) until Monday March 13th at 2pm (PT).


There will also be the opportunity for players to take on the development team themselves in special matches from 1pm until 3pm (PT) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

For further announcements on Landfall, VRFocus will be here to keep you updated.

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